Ocean Spray & jetBlue Promotion

JCF created a massive Ocean Spray juice bottle to be towed behind a jetBlue airliner for a publicity event. The results were refreshing!

JCF is able to deliver huge results even in a time crunch. We were asked to make an Ocean Spray juice bottle that needed to be towed behind a jetliner down a runway for a publicity event.

It was 38 feet tall and weighed over 12 tons.

This project needed to be designed, created, and delivered within a month. Our team wasted no time.

Travelers at New York’s JFK airport got a big surprise as the JetBlue Crewmembers led in the massive Blueberry Juice Cocktail bottle with their latest Airbus A320 livery design, “Blueberries,” to commemorate the introduction of Ocean Spray’s first Blueberry product line.

Through teamwork, expertise, and the right tools we were able to deliver exactly what the client wanted.

Here’s a time-lapse film of the assembly:


Here’s a short news story on the event: